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Professional Outlook 2007 Programming
by Ken Slovak


ISBN: 978-0-470-04994-5, Wrox Press, 2007

This book is an intermediate- to advanced-level book on programming Outlook 2007. Extensive coverage of Outlook COM add-ins, macros, and new features of Outlook 2007. Project templates are provided for COM add-ins developed using VSTO 2005 SE with VB.NET and C#, shared add-ins developed using VB.NET and C#, and VB 6.

Project Template Downloads From Professional Outlook 2007 Programming



Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
by Ken Slovak


ISBN 0-7897-2968-7, Que Publishing, 2003

This book is a beginner-level book for Outlook 2003 users. It covers using Outlook 2003 in both home and business environments; including use with Exchange, POP3, HTTP and IMAP e-mail accounts.



Beginning Visual Basic 6 Application Development
by Ken Slovak, Diane Poremsky, Pierre Boutquin

ISBN 1-861001-09-6, Wrox Press, 2000.

This book is an advanced-beginner-level book that covers the process of n-tier application development, from project conception and planning to final development. A complete n-tier application is developed in the book, and the book finishes with Web enabling the user (presentation) tier. Data services are provided by SQL Server or the MSDE data engine.



Professional Outlook 2000 Programming: With VBA, Office and CDO
by Ken Slovak, Chris Burnham, Dwayne Gifford

ISBN 1-861003-31-5, Wrox Press, 1999.

This book is an intermediate- to advanced-level book on programming Outlook 2000. Extensive coverage of Outlook COM add-ins, macros, and some CDO programming.

Download the source code for the Phone Changer COM add-in VB 6 project...



Programming Microsoft Outlook 2000 (The Sams Professional Series)
by Gordon Padwick, Ken Slovak

ISBN 0-672-31549-1, Sams, 1999.

This book is a beginner- to intermediate-level book about programming Outlook 2000. 


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